I’m choosing to talk about disabled rights when it comes to main stream schools and special schools. No, I don’t disagree with special schools completely but I do think that people who suffer from:
Dyslexia DyscalculiaDysgraphia
•dysphasia/aphasia •Dystonia •Adhd/add  Auditory processing disorder
Visual processing disorder
Down Syndrome
Mentel disabilities-which-aren’t-too-severe
colour blindness
hearing loss/deafness
Arthritus( even though it mostly occurs at a later age I just want to put it down anyway/)
Cerebral policy
Multiple scelrosis/(This is a hard one, if the brain is effected and the person can’t talk I would agree with special schools but if this isn’t the case I wouldn’t)
Paralysis (As a paralysis myself I would agree that other paralysed children teenagers and adults are just-as capable of having a mainstream education)
…. If someone has a head injury it depends on what level it may be

I heard of someone who was dyslexic being sent to a special school, that should never have happened! I also heard of people with ADHD, Autism and Aspburgers being sent to a special school, this also SHOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED!

In my opinion, I think a person has to have a very severe disability that involves not being able to speak or anything else but if someone has a disability of anything else then mainstream schools should be the answer. Why do I say this? Read on to find out!


I have been in a special school before but was only there from the years 2003-2004/2005 (I can’t remember which one since I was so young then, like probably; 6 or 7) but anyways, I just want to make you aware of my thoughts and the experiences, and why; I was so thrilled to get out of there at such a young age.

You see, I was left all day doing nothing. You think I’m lying! I can remember the atrocious moments till this day. They are way too easy to relive. Well I will tell you now. In 2003, I started at a special school in Belfast. It was an excellent school and I did also enjoy my time there. My time throughout P1 was the most well thought experience ever and the teacher couldn’t have been nicer to me. I was treated as I was a normal person, like I wasn’t disabled at all, like I could get a degree without trying, like I was an able bodied being and just could do anything. You can understand that yes, the next year I was looking forward to starting P2, but my second teacher was not the best. Throughout the next 1 or 2 years I had been left in a room, playing with sand/water etc, been kept on the same reading book over and over again; and to be honest- it was complete and utter misery until I left.

So why would I think that children and teens with disabilities would be better off at mainstream schools.

Please proceed by reading the following list…

• They get a far better education if they are in a Mainstream School
• They have twice as many friends
• The brains which disabled people have can handle the work
• They are able to get a proper degree after all of it
• Disabled people would have the choice of picking their GCSEs and they can then decide weather or not they want to do higher or foundation tier
• The teachers and other staff in the school are highly supportive of them and will go to any extent to gain the understandment of the person
• Some disabled people may not like performing or touching natural stuff all day so on this note I’d like to say that they would be better off in Mainstream schools
• Mainstream schools can offer qualifications which help people get into the Media Genre, Computing Genre and so many other job roles. Disabled people should have this opportunity as well and shouldn’t be discriminated against just because they’re different.

I shall now move on to address all the successful people (celebrities) who have gone ahead with what they want to do without letting their disabilities get to them.


Keira Knightley- Dyslexic
Orlando Bloom- Dyslexic
Vince Vaughan- Dyslexic
Michael Phelps- ADHD
Whoopie Goldberg- Dyslexic
Henry Winkler- Dyslexic
Dan Akroyd- Tourett’s and Aspburgers
Daniel Radcliffe- Dyspraxia
Steven Spielberg- Dyslexic
Justin Timberlake- ADHD
Tim Tebow- Dyslexic
Anderson Cooper- Dyslexic
Cher- Dyscalculia/Dyslexic
Jamie Oliver- Dyslexic
Joe Jonas- Dyslexic


Christopher Reeve- Paralyses. Although he is dead now Christopher Reeve is mostly remembered for his role as Superman although he was also a director, producer and writer as well. Christopher Reeve was paralysed in 1995 due to an accident during a competition. He was then penned to a wheelchair for the rest of his like. As I have mentioned before, I myself; am paralysed and can only breath with a ventilator so Christopher Reeve was a huge inspiration to me when I was firstly paralysed.
Stephen Hawking- Example to people who suffer from MND.

There’s many more celebs who had/ are suffering from all the disabilities that I have mentioned above. I just can’t write about them now as I don’t know what to say.

This now leaves me at my final point which is my own personal opinion. I think the disability has to be extremely serious for the patient to be put into a special school. The disabilities listed above are the ones that should be allowed in mainstream schools and I hope you understand the reasons I have included under that. If the person can not talk, or move, or even understand what someone’s saying to them then I agree with special schooling but it shouldn’t be allowed with any of the other main disabilities within our society. 

Doctor Amazement



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